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Mar 23, 2023

🔧 Timesheets and Automation Improvements

A while back, we made some small improvements to timesheets and automations. These improvements were made based on feedback from our users, so they’ll definitely boost the productivity of your day-to-day operations.

📑 Timesheets became more insightful

We added a new field to timesheets — Projects. Now you can see to which project the task belongs. It will help you understand not only how long it takes to finish a certain task but also how much time was spent on tasks for a certain project. 

🧩 Editable custom values in automations

Formerly, you had to change custom fields manually for automatically created tasks and projects. We made this feature more user-friendly and less time-consuming, so from now, you can set custom values for tasks and projects directly while creating a new automation rule. Values will be linked to all tasks or projects created from this automation. 

Mar 20, 2023

March 2023 Updates: Products in Sales Opportunities, Cash Flow Record, Login via Link & More!

   Our updates are on the way to boosting your productivity! 

Today, we have a few improvements to recently released features and new tools for your sales opportunities as well.

What’s new in Flowlu:

  • Products in Sales Opportunities
  • Leaves and Absences Improvements
  • Login via email
  • Recording the Cash Flow of Online Payments

Detailed information about all the improvements is already in on our blog, so quickly come and explore all newest features   

Mar 10, 2023

👀 Small updates for project portfolios and task workflows 

Today, we have two small improvements for you 💁‍♀️

The first improvement was made for recently released project portfolios, while the second was to easily link task workflows for new tasks and projects. 

Ready to have a closer look at what's been done? 😉

1) To easily monitor the finances of your projects inside the portfolio, we added a few filters. From now on, you can observe the finances of targeted projects:

  • Active
  • Closed
  • Successfully closed
  • Failed
  • Paused

To learn more about how to observe finances inside portfolios, explore our knowledge base.

2) Tired of swiping to find the necessary workflow for a task? It’s not a problem anymore, because now you can drag and drop task workflows in the list to easily organize them. 

We also added a feature to set the workflow as the default. The default workflow will be automatically linked to new tasks and projects. If you set the default task workflow for a project, all the tasks inside the project will be linked to this workflow.

All the important information about the task workflow updates is already in our knowledge base.

Mar 07, 2023

⚙️ Minor automation and task improvements

  While our devs are preparing some big and important updates for you, we can still amaze you with small but mighty improvements.

1. New field types for the "Field Update" rule in Task and Opportunity Automations.

Recently, we added a feature to automatically link the assignee and task owner. Now, we've updated this feature with two new actions:

  • Who created the task — Owner
  • Who changed the task — Modified by

Use case: Once the task reaches a new stage, the assignee changes to the teammate who created the task. It’s a perfect case when you need to pay an invoice. Your manager creates a task for an account to send payment. Once the payment is completed and the task moves to another stage, the manager from the first step becomes an assignee again to fill in the report of service completion.

2. New field types to add or replace participants and followers in the Task and Opportunity Automation.

  • If the field type contains "add", you can automatically add a new participant or follower to the task or opportunity once it reaches a new stage.
  • If the field type contains "replace", you can automatically select a new option to replace the old one. For example, change the previous follower to the new one once the task is completed.

To learn more about "Field Update" automation, explore our knowledge base.

3. Link a task to the list directly from the task’s main page.

Formerly, you could link a task to the list from the task settings. But recently, we added this option to the right menu of the task, so you can easily select the list from the drop-down menu.

Feb 28, 2023

🗂️ Put all your projects together in portfolios!

🤔 We know how hard it can be to simultaneously manage and analyze multiple projects. For all of our busy bees, we have a new handy feature!

👀 Analyze all projects in one go and find the best solutions to invest and optimize your resources with a project portfolio.

💡 To learn more about how to keep track of multiple projects, finances, and tasks at once, check out our newest article.

Feb 15, 2023

🤖 Automate Your Regular Projects With Flowlu

Shout out to all Flowlu users! 📢 

We know how many of you asked to add automations for projects. We hear you, so here is our new feature — Project Automation. With this tool, you can now streamline your regular projects, just as you did with CRM opportunities, tasks, and Agile projects. Except for automation rules taken from other modules, we also added new types of automations,  unique for projects: 

  • Successfully closed.
  • Failed.
  • Paused.
  • Resume.
  • Change stage.

To learn more about how project automations can help boost your productivity, explore our recent blog post

Feb 01, 2023

📲 What's in the Mobile App: Agile Module and New Navigation

😏 Wondering what’s new in the Flowlu mobile app? Then here we are, and we’re ready to present you with some new updates.

Today, we have two significant updates for you:

💡 The Agile module is finally on the mobile app.

📱 Left navigation is turned to the bottom navigation bar.

More information about recent updates is already in our blog. Explore the new article and learn how to customize your Flowlu navigation, and keep track of Agile projects in the mobile app.

Jan 26, 2023

Wow! It's a new Leaves & Absences Feature 🥳

  We’re on our way to becoming more HR-friendly. Meet our Leaves & Absences feature, a powerful tool to track current absences and leaves. 

With Leaves & Absences, you can not just observe who’s off today but also check the reason and when this person will come back.

But that’s not all, because we’ve also prepared some more for you. The full list of our recent updates is already in our blog.

Dec 28, 2022

Start Planning Your Budget in Flowlu

2022 is coming to an end, and it’s time to think about the budget for the upcoming year. To help you better plan your budget, we’ve released a budgeting module!

From now on, you can easily plan and manage your budget, cash flow, and P&L for any period of time. This module will help you plan a budget, avoid cash gaps, and set goals for each business line. 

Don't wait and quickly come to our blog to catch every detail   

The budgeting module will be free for all accounts until the 31st of January, so you can easily plan your budget for the upcoming year. Starting with February 2023, budgeting will be available only for the Professional and Enterprise subscriptions

Dec 14, 2022

🎉 Flowlu Updates: Last Activity and Date in Opportunities, Comment Filters, Extrnal-to-Internal Converting and Even More!

Before releasing some brand-new features, we want to pamper you with some small but mighty updates.

Ready to dive in?    

  • We had a lot of requests to make the estimated time settings more reachable. You asked, and we delivered! From now on, you can establish an estimated time without going into editor mode. Just click the time tracker icon in the task and fill in the estimated time. 
  • Today's must-have is the last activity and the last activity date in the opportunities’ list. If you want to check when the last email, call, or meeting with a client was, simply go to the list of opportunities and add these columns in the list settings.
  • Even Flowlu knows that a good freelancer can become a part of your team, that’s why we added external-to-internal user converting. If you want an external user to become a part of your team, click the Make an internal user button in the user's profile.
  • To avoid unnecessary micromanagement, we’ve added a new automation type for the "Field Update" action in the task workflows - change assignee. It means that you can simply update the assignee field in the task at a specific workflow stage, so you won’t need to reassign the task.
  • Activivties on the CRM and projects are a total mess? Don’t worry, because we added filters to the activity section in Projects and CRM Opportunities/Accounts. With brand-new filters, you can organize information based on your needs and navigate through massive amounts of data with ease.