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10 days ago

✨ November 2023 Updates are Already Here!

  Say hello to all the new features our development team released this month!

This November, we focused on making your communication with clients more complete and saving you time switching between Flowlu and multiple messengers.

Meet Interactions, a completely new module where chats with clients and leads from external sources are bound together. If you want to learn more about the brand-new module and other Flowlu updates, explore our newest blog article.

12 days ago

👀 What's New in the Mobile App

  We don’t want you to miss the precious opportunity to easily manage and communicate with the team on the go. That’s exactly why we are improving our mobile app monthly. November 2023 is not an exception.

What’s new we have in the mobile app:

  • A new task creation form with a drop-down list of custom fields and additional options.
  • List of the users’ groups to bulk manage employees based on their roles.
  • “Access Permissions” tab for portal administrators to set access rights for certain users or for a group of users.

All these improvements are already on iOS and will soon be available for all Android users. If you haven’t used our mobile app yet, feel free to download it from Google Play and the App Store.

a month ago

🎃 Spooky Season Updates 🎃

Hello, Flowlu users!   

Spooky season is here, and we’re here with a bag of treats… or maybe updates? Well, whatever    

  See what's new we have for you today: 

  • Kanban view in the mobile Agile module. 

  • Flexible access to CRM pipelines.

  • Custom fields for the Agile module.

  • Groups in the Activity Feed. 

To catch all the details of new features, explore our newest blog article. 

2 months ago

📌 Kanban Board is now in the Mobile App!

Hello, world! 👋

📌 Our Kanban board is finally ready to be presented on mobile! Wait no more, update your Flowlu app, and see how amazing it is. Currently, the Kanban view is supported by only the Agile module, but we are 100% sure that it’s soon to be in other modules as well!

🤭 We know that all your attention is now taken by the Kanban board, but we have a little bit more for you to explore:

▪️ Agile boards have multiple displays: by stage, assignee, priority, type, task category, and epics.
▪️ Tasks on the board are interactive. To move the task's card around the board, just hold it.
▪️ To quickly switch between Agile sprints inside a project, we added a new drop-down menu.
▪️ Feed posts can now be sent to a specific group of users based on their workspace.

📱 All these updates are already in the App Store and Google Play, don’t forget to download or update your Flowlu mobile app.

3 months ago

👽 Explore the Mobile App Overhaul & Trello Integration

   Hello to all Flowlu users! 

We have some amazing updates, and we’re thrilled to share them with you.

  Today’s menu is:

  • New color schemes for the mobile app
  • iOS app users special: Face and Touch ID verification
  • Multiple UI/UX improvements
  • Task Import from Trello to Flowlu

In our blog, we gave more insides about all the new features, and they’re waiting for you to explore them.

3 months ago

🥳 Meet August 2023 Flowlu updates

😏 Flowlu users check! 

You wanted it, and you finally got it: the Gantt chart is now presented in the Agile module. We have absolutely no doubts that you’ll love to use this tool to analyze and manage your sprints or epics. 

🌞 But don’t think that’s all we have for you today. We’ve also made a variety of small improvements, such as: 

  • Time units for formula fields.

  • Total budget report.

  • Notification board redesign.

Ready to take a deep dive into new features? 🏊‍♀️ All the information about these updates is already on our blog.

3 months ago

✨ August 2023 Mobile App Updates ✨

  A bunch of handy mobile updates are finally here!

Today, we have some small but powerful quality-of-life improvements for both the iOS and Android apps. Let’s have a quick look at recent improvements: 

  • Our mobile app was expanded with two new lists: groups and absences. Now, you can quickly access the full list of your teammates and see who’s out of the office for personal reasons.

  • Widgets are now smartly adapting to the size of the content inside. It will help you organize the space on the mobile widget dashboard wisely.

  • If you need to quickly edit multiple entities in the list, hold each for a few seconds to select and multiple-edit.

  • Each group has its own detailed page in the mobile app. It will help you quickly access any information for a certain group: tasks, projects, team members, reports, etc.

To get a whole office in your prokect, click links below  

💥 Download the iOS App

💥 Download the Android App

4 months ago

What's new in The Mobule App for July 2023

Hello Flowlu users!   

We hope you're doing well today, because we’re here to make your day even better.

  Here is our weekly digest of what’s new in the Flowlu mobile app.

Ready to see what's new we have for today?

  • Detailed pages of CRM opportunities, contacts, and organizations were improved. Also, the UI changes brought detailed pages of revenues, expenses, and events.

  • We’ve also changed the functionality of the user mention, so it'll be easier to tag users.

  • The list of CRM pipelines was extended with the new "Archived" tab. In this list, you can see all your pipelines that were archived.

  • Color indicators for opportunities were updated as well. Now, the color indicates the closing status of an opportunity (lost or won). The number reflects at what stage the opportunity was closed.

We have also made some small improvements to the mobile app, so overall stability and performance have increased. Also, some additional UI/UX enhancements will make your mobile Flowlu experience even better. 

If you still don't use our mobile app, you can always download it by clicking the links below to get a whole office in your pocket   

 💥 Download the iOS App

 💥 Download the Android App


5 months ago

Your knowledge base editors will be happy to see this update 😏

Automations for the knowledge base module are finally in Flowlu! What does that mean? Simply put, you’ll be able to reduce time spent on moderation of new articles and revision of ones that have been edited, as well as be notified about any changes.

Currently, you can create the following automation rules for your knowledge base articles: 

  • Comment 
  • Notification 
  • Webhook
  • Request a response.
  • Field update
  • Task 
  • Agile Issue

Don’t keep your knowledge base moderators waiting, explore the update in our blog and start automating your knowledge management from now on.

5 months ago

Learn what's new in Flowlu for June 2023 🤩

Hello Flowlu users!    

We’re here with exciting updates to share with you. These updates are mostly focused on improving features previously added to Flowlu. 

  Ready to see what we have for today? Here is a short list of all the updates: 

  • Do you still remember May’s update for invoice templates? Now you can customize not only invoices, but estimates as well with the advanced estimate templates to make communicating with clients on-brand.
  • From now on, you can drag and drop files from your computer to Flowlu. No more clicking multiple buttons to attach files. 
  • Tired of zero balances in your reports? With new settings, you can simply hide them to make your financial reports more meaningful.
  • You no longer need to manually synchronize your actual and planned transactions. For all your budgets created in Flowlu, there is a synchronization option. There is an automated sync to match all your data in a few seconds. 
  • Attached files are now displayed in the list of transactions in the Money module. It will help you easily understand which transactions are supported by documents.
  • If you use both projects and finances in Flowlu, you probably know that it’s possible to split one payment into multiple transactions. Now, you can split the total amounts by percentages to avoid calculating how much each transaction costs.
  • Are you a fan of the Agile module? As in the Task module, you can now add followers to Agile issues. It’ll help to avoid unexpected changes in the task settings and will allow a follower only to observe and comment on the issue.

To learn more information about the newest updates, explore our recent blog post.